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To provide consulting and design services to help improve the energy efficiency, economic/environmental sustainability and aesthetics of the existing built environment:

While major advancements have been made in construction methods over the last decades, the vast majority of the built environment was constructed before many of these advancements… the ongoing state of the economy has restricted the rate at which new structures are being built. Structural Arts will concentrate on the segment of the market that will opt to improve existing buildings, primarily homes and small businesses as opposed to than build new.

To provide consulting and design services to clientele that wish to upgrade historical buildings to modern standards without losing the historical aesthetic integrity of those buildings.

To provide consulting and design services to clientele who wish to build new buildings in traditional neighborhoods to modern standards, while preserving the aesthetic integrity of those neighborhoods.

While accomplishing these goals and in service of these goals, to promote the preservation of traditional building trade and craft knowledge/skills….this includes the documentation of historical structures and the methods with which they were constructed.

The technology based modeling and documentation tools that are available to the architectural field have made it possible to record in detail information that currently exists only in drawings and in the physical environment… creating a model of a historical building including site data and construction methods which would preserve much of this information in digital form to provide historical context regardless of what happens to the physical structure.
To develop means of preserving and passing on the store of knowledge developed and collected over a lifetime of work in the field, through a variety of means including publishing and teaching.

Mission Statement

Vision Statement

To help individuals live in a more economically, environmentally sustainable and efficient manner; to preserve the best of our architectural legacy, to do the best to disseminate the knowledge and ability to do what needs to be done  as widely as possible.

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